"dat OVO n XO is everything we believe in"

by Mikael Colombu

The Weeknd – The Knowing Music Video Picture Breakdown:

The Past:

The Alien Queen has captures his Majesty


Asteroid Spaceship
Asteroid Spaceship

In the Spaceship
In side the Spaceship

Alien Assassin
Alien Queen Wakes Up “Napalm Love” Alien Assassin

Sends Napalm Love to Ethiopie

Addis-Abeba August 1974
To the Capital Addis-Abeba in August 1974

Ethiopie Ruler is Captured

Majesty Overthrown by DEG
Majesty Overthrown by D.E.G.

Dead Empire
Alien Queen says “Bring me the Dead Emperor..”

Teleport to Spaceship
Napalm Love Teleports to Spaceship with his Majesty


Mikael Colombu Films
Mikael Colombu Films

Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye

The Weeknd - The Knowing
The Weeknd – The Knowing

The Future:

Abel and Alien Queen Rule Ethio X (until the split)

16311 AD
16,311 A.D.

Planet Ethio X
Planet Ethio X

Ethio X Capitol
Ethio X Capitol


Abel and The Queen
Abel and The Queen

The Queen
The Queen

Abel and His Men

Abel and Alien
Abel meets an Alien (that will save his life)

The Queen's Ass
The Queen’s Ass

Queen with The Beast
The Queen with The Beast (another man)

The Beast
The Beast

The Beast and The Owl
The Beast and The Owl is Watching his Back (Drake’s Owl?)

Beast has the Queen
The Beast has the Queen (Queen Cheats with the Devil)

Abel Watches The Beast and The Queen
Abel Watches The Beast and The Queen

Abel Calls in II, III, and IV
Abel Calls in the Queens Lady’s II, III, and IV (to be raped, mutilated, and murdered)

Abel Lets You Taste Her
Abel Lets His Men Taste Her

Abel Commands their Demise
Abel Commands the Lady’s Demise

Abel Watches the Murder
Abel Watches the Lady’s Murder

Abel Fucking The Ladys
Abel and His Men Fucking the Ladys

Lady's Body Parts
Lady’s Body Parts in a Jar of Blood

Abel and Queen in Public
Abel and The Queen Address the Public

Abel's Nation
Abel’s Nation on Ethio X

Queen Angry
Queen Angry about Lady’s Death Orgy and Causes Scission on Ethio X

Ethio X Scission
Ethio X Scission in 5

Ethio Splits
Planet Ethio Splits (metaphor for their relationship splitting)

Ethio X Split Up
Abel and the Queens entire World is Split Up

Male Female Ethio X Scission
Planet Ethio X split into Male and Female Worlds

Abel and the Queen Know..


Female and Male Planets
Abel and The Queen have Own Planets Now

Planet Ethio X Scission Complete
Planet Ethio X Scission Complete

Abels Libito Collapses
Abels Libito Collapses

Queen Watches
Queen Watches from her Female Planet

Queen Scheming with Ladys
Queen tells her new Lady’s to Capture Abel’s Heart

Lady Kills Guard
Ladys sneak to Abel’s planet and Kill his Guards

Ladys Kill Guards
Lady Kills Guard

Abel Captured
Abel is Captured by these Ladys

The Ladys Steal Abel's Heart
The Ladys Steal Abel’s Heart

Abel's Heart is Captured
Abel’s Heart is Captured

Abel Left for Dead
Abel Left for Dead

Queen has Abel's Heart
Queen has Abel’s Heart

Heartless Abel Rises
Heartless Abel Rises

Aliens give Abel Replacement Heart
Aliens give Abel Replacement Heart

Queen tries to Destroy Abel's Heart
Queen tries to Destroy Abel’s Heart

Abel Sets up the Attack
Abel Sets Up the Counter Attack

Queen cannot Destroy Heart
Queen realizes she cannot Destroy Abel’s Heart

Abel Readys for the Invasion
Abel rallys his ships to prepare to Invade

Queen throws heart to Lions
Queen throws Abel’s Heart to the Lions

Abel readys his Troops
Abel readys the Troops for the Invasion

Lion Pushes Heart Back to Queen
Lion Pushes Abel’s Heart Back to the Queen

Queen Cannot Believe Heart is Back
Queen Cannot Believe the Lions didn’t eat Abel’s Heart

Queen is Defeated by Heart
The Queen is Defeated by the Strength of Abel’s Heart

Queens Castle is Collapsing
The Queens Castle is Collapsing from Abel’s Invasion

Abel Storms the Castle
Abel Storms the Castle in Camo Gear

Queen Sees Abel Coming
The Queen sees the shadow of Abel coming up the stairs

Abel sees the Queen
Abel sees the Queen right before she is crushed by her castle

Abel Takes his Heart
Abel Takes His Heart Back from the Queen

Abel puts heart in chest
Abel puts his heart back into his Chest

Abel sees The Queen Hanging On
Abel sees the Queen’s hand, hanging on for her Life

Abel watches the Queen hanging
Abel watches the Queen hanging for her life

Abel is the Old Majesty
Abel is the Old Majesty from the Introduction

Abel tries to hold on
Abel tries to hold on to The Queen’s hand (and her love)

Abel has to let go
Abel has to let go of the Queen (and their love)

Ending Credits
Directed, shaped, and cut by Mikael Colombu

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    This doesn’t really make any sense is this actually made by The Weeknd? First it say’s that he watches the lady’s demise but then she’s present throughout the rest of the story? None of this really makes sense, why would he rape and murder other women if a women cheated on him is he a crack head? Like wtf is this shit if this is actually what he intended hes clearly done waaaay to much ex and dmt. Nice try for the interpretations but I reeeeeeeeeeally don’t think the meaning is that blatant and I think there’s so much personal symbolism in this that only the person who came up with it would know. Thanks though

    November 26, 2012 at 9:37 pm
    admin commented

    Thanks for your honest reaction Jacob…honestly I tried my best at interpreting the video because it was so dynamic and unique. I love The Weeknd and I think he was expressing him self through visual elements that probably can’t be interpreted by anyone but him…but figured I’d give it a shot! :-)

    February 13, 2013 at 4:37 pm
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    I hope this helps xoxoxo

    It’s way more than meets the eye

    You jut have to understand that the elites don’t want you to know the illuminati are good guys

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